‘My 12 year old daughter Alannah did the Forest School with Alec and really enjoyed being outdoors having a fun but safe educational experience. She learned loads of interesting facts and got to make shelters, how to build a fire using flint and steel and how to make a compass and tell the time from the position of the sun! All the kids were really excited about Forest School & I highly recommend this program for any child. Connecting with nature in a fun and educational way can only help our children’s development and possibly even the future of our environment! A great program with a calm, patient and knowledgeable instructor. Thanks Alec, I hope my kids get to learn with you again!’

Anita Wheeler, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow.

‘In my many years of teaching, this was one of the most engaging and beneficial projects my class have ever done. The children looked forward to the Forest School each week and thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning adventures, gaining many life and survival skills. The memories of these special times and the fun they had will last a lifetime! Thank you Alec, for an amazing learning experience!’

Heather Lawson (former) Principal St. Saviour’s N.S, Rathdrum School child-

‘To Alec, thank you so much for spending time with us every Friday for Forest School. Thanks for doing so many fun activities with us and teaching us so much about the nature around us. I had so much fun’.

—Lana, schoolchild


‘My two kids, 8 and 6 were in the forest camp over mid- term and absolutely loved it. They loved looking for badger sets, crossing rivers, building huts and cooking pancakes. Came home smiling, tired and smelling like a campfire. The kids said Alec and Ronja were great. Mine are already signed up for next terms after school club 2 hours of outdoor fun after a long day in school, perfect.’

Joanne Codyre

‘Comments from my 11 year old daughter who loves The Forest Club. ‘Forest Club is good because we get to build huts and toast marshmallows on the fire. We went on an adventure in the dark with head torches- it was really fun. We made a swing from wood and rope, and it ACTUALLY works! I loved making the wax candles and cooking wild mushrooms. What more could you want in life? Thanks to Alec and Mairead’

Aisling Little

‘My kids spent mid-term at Forest camp and came home every afternoon Rosie-cheeked and full of adventure stories and interesting facts about the things they had seen and learned that day. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended.’

Ciara Harvey (Review from facebook page)

‘My 6 and 7 year old boys just finished their first summer forest camp. I asked them to rate it out of ten and they said infinity. They loved every day and were buzzing about the activities. Highly recommended.’

Claire Mc Donald


‘Alec has just led my 9 year olds birthday party and it was a fantastic event. The kids were engaged and entertained. The setting was perfect and I would highly recommend this experience.’

Lisa Cannell

‘Had my 9 year old daughter’s birthday party The Forest Club last weekend, the kids had an absolute ball, they did not want the party to end. Alec and Mairead our camp leaders for the party were amazing, the kids built their own dens, made beeswax candles and toasted marshmallows (found via a treasure hunt) around the campfire! Would highly recommend the forest club for young and old!’

—Jilly Clarkin

‘Great set up for a kid’s party with a difference. Building camp, toasting marshmallows, swings, nature walks, hot dogs, .... brilliant.’

—Barry Smyth