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Q. What do you do if it’s pouring with rain?

A. If there is light, moderate rain or showers we run as normal, children are asked to come prepared with rain jacket, waterproof trousers and wellington boots. We also have up to 3 tarpaulins at base camp (number depending on size of group). During times of rain activities can are run under these shelters.

If the rain is forecast to be heavy and persistent or there is a wind weather warning in place (strong wind = risk of falling branches), or there is extreme cold/ snow (very rare) an event at The Forest Club may be canceled or re-scheduled. An alternative day or date may be offered, if this does not suit we will refund the value of the session or in the case of a birthday the deposit.

Q. What should I dress my child in for The Forest Club?

A. Please Dress your child appropriately for the weather conditions forecast for the day.

Old or outdoor clothes are best, sturdy runners, hiking boots/outdoor shoes or wellington boots/waterproof hiking boots when wet along with rain coat and waterproof trousers. During cold weather in addition to the usual clothes hats, scarves, thermals, gloves, multiple layers and/or warm coat should be worn. As this is an outdoor adventure club clothes may at times get dirty. Sandles, shorts or flip flops are not advised to reduce the likely hood of scratches (from thorns/branches) or grazes.

Full details on what to wear and bring is sent out at time of booking.

Q. What age does my child have to be to come to The Forest Club?

Our events are advertised for 5-12 year olds, we do sometimes take 4 year olds, however this may not be suitable for all for year olds, some may be more suited than others- they must be able to keep up with the group on nature walks and be used to spending a few hours away from their parents. Some camps/events may have a younger age profile than others where activities and nature trails may be modified for suitability of that age group. If you wish to send a child who is for to one of our events please phone ahead to discuss suitability.

Birthdays are fine for 4 year olds (often the activities are moderated slightly) For insurance reasons we cannot have children under 4 years of age.

Q. Birthdays - Do I need to bring anything?

A. Apart from cake and candles you do not need to bring anything. Additional food is optional however we would ask parents not to bring individually wrapped sweets or lolly’s – the papers can end up being dropped/ blow around the forest.

Q. After school club- Can I pay per day or do I sign up for the whole term?

A. If it is your child/children’s first time at The Forest Club and you want to try it out you may pay per day/session otherwise you book for the whole 6 week program.