Forest School Sessions

Forest School is defined as ‘an inspirational process, that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees’.

Forest School sessions are suitable for children from junior infants to sixth class and the sessions can be tied in to the school curriculum. Pupils will sometimes be given research (i.e find out 3 interesting facts about the oak tree) which they can follow up in school or at home after the forest school session.

Forest School sessions are usually 2-3 hours on a given day once a week for six weeks however can be flexible to fit the time and budget of a given school.

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Here is what a school principal had to say about one of our Forest School courses.

Forest School

The 5th & 6th classes from St. Saviour’s N.S spent six wonderful lessons at Alec Dunne’s Forest School. Each lesson lasted for 2 hours approx. and covered much of the SESE & Outdoor Pursuits strand of the PE curriculum using discovery & hands on learning experiences. Alec’s extensive knowledge of the woodland, flora & fauna & the games & unique experiences helped by his excellent rapport with the children made these classes both beneficial & enjoyable.

Some of the activities the class enjoyed were:

  • Tree identifying

  • Nature trails

  • How to find the cardinal points using the sun (at various times of the day)

  • Making pottery wood nymphs and creating an art installation in the Fairy Glen

  • Building a fire using flints and dry forest kindling

  • Building a temporary shelter using found objects in the wood

Interwoven into this was learning to identify the native trees and forest plants, map making and drawing skills and co-operative games.

“In my many years of teaching, this was one of the most engaging and beneficial projects my class have ever done. The children looked forward to the Forest School each week and thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning adventures, gaining many life and survival skills. Their memories of these special times and the fun they had will last a lifetime!

Thank you Alec, for an amazing learning experience!”

– Heather Lawson Principal St. Saviour’s N.S., Rathdrum