After School club at The Forest Club

Let Nature Become The Classroom

The after school club is a fantastic program which runs year-round, each after school club is 6 weeks and there is one on during each school term. As the after school club runs year-round children get to experience and learn about the changes which take place in nature throughout the different seasons. 

After School Activities

Below are just some of our great activities, activities may vary depending on weather conditions, age profile of the group and other factors.

Explore the forest at the Forest Club after-school club

Explore The Forest

Discover and explore the forest on a different nature trail each day en-route to base camp learning about different trees, plants, animals and how to spot them.

Nature crafts at the Forest Club after-school club

Nature Crafts

Make cool nature themed arts/crafts to take home.

Make new friends at the Forest Club after-school club

Make New Friends

As the after school clubs is run each term for 6 weeks year round, it is a great place to make new friends and learn how to work as
a team.

Base camp at the Forest Club after-school club

Base Camp

Chill out on the swings and hammocks at base camp.

Camp fire at the Forest Club after-school club

Camp Fire

Learn how to light your own camp fire from scratch using flint.

Creative play at the Forest Club after-school club

Creative Play

Make your own mud pies, pine needle soup or whatever you want! in the mud kitchen.

Build a den at the Forest Club after-school club

Build a Den

learn how to build a den using all natural materials.

Game at the Forest Club after-school club


We have designed a range of fun and exciting games using all that the forest has to offer.




About After School Club

The type of activities we run on the after school club take in to account the changing of the seasons, for example we might make Christmas wreaths in the run up to Christmas or collect and preserve colourful Autumn leaves (waxed leaves) during Autumn time or make wild garlic pesto during Spring.

The After School Club is suitable for children in the 5-11 age group. We have a low child to adult ratio and there is always a minimum of at least two Forest Club leaders per group.

It is a relaxed club focused on fun and creative learning in which children are free to ‘dip’ in and out of activities as they so choose. With the swings, hammocks and mud kitchen it is also a great way for children to engage in their own creative play and unwind in a beautiful forest setting after the structure of the school day.


All after school clubs are €125 per child for 6 weeks which includes all course materials and a hot drink each day and marshmallows for toasting. Book for the year and receive a 15% discount!



Autumn term after school club.

With the leaves turning golden, blackberries ripening, and colourful mushrooms and fungi springing up on the forest floor this is one of the most beautiful times of the year to explore and discover the Forest. Come and join us on Tuesday or Wednesday !

When -

Tuesday 10th September - Every Tuesday for 6 weeks, 3.15-5.15.


Wednesday 11th September - Every Wednesday for 6 weeks, 3.15-5.15

Second term after school club.

The forest still has much of its Autumn colour as nature begins to prepare for winter. With the evenings beginning to shorten it's a great time to get a cool head torch to wear ! This great after school club continues after the Halloween break on the run up to Christmas.

When - Starting Wednesday 6th of November at 3.15 - 5.15, each Wednesday for 6 weeks (6th Nov - 11th Dec)


New Year after school club.

With the days beginning to gradually lengthen and new life coming to the forest, what better way to start the new year than with 6 weeks of action packed outdoor fun and adventure!

When -  Starting Wednesday 8th January at 3.15 - 5.15, each Wednesday for 6 weeks. (8th Jan - 12th Feb)

Spring term after school club.

Spring is one of the most exciting times to be in the forest as nature begins to emerge from its winter sleep, birds begin to build their nests and lambs begin to appear in the pastures which surround our woodland. Experience the magic of Spring coming to the forest with 6 weeks of great activities.

When -  Starting Wednesday 26th February at 3.15 - 5.15, each Wednesday for 6 weeks. (26th Feb - 1st April)

Summer term after school club.

With summer round the corner there is no better time to be out in the woods, the trees are coming out in their summer foliage and the forest floor is carpeted with wildflowers - bluebells, primroses, wild geranium and wild garlic to name but a few.
Explore nature, learn new skills, make new friends and have lots of fun on this fantastic 6 week after school club.

When -  Starting Wednesday 6th May at 3.15 - 5.15, each Wednesday for 6 weeks. (6th May - 10th June


Please fill out the form below. Please note that full payment for the after school club, €125 per child for the 6 week program is to be paid advance of the start date in order to secure your child/children’s place.

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